Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last minute/ Drunk Batman mask

It's almost Halloween!
I love Halloween but some people do not share my enthusiasm and dont start planning and gathering their material for their costume early May. Infact most leave it to the last minute and some dont dress up at all (GASP!) because they ran out of time. 
FEAR NOT! Here is a tutorial for those of you running out of the house to Coppers and forgot that Halloween is fancy dress. 

Step 1: Get Drunk.

In the true spirit of Halloween I had a few vinos before starting this tutorial. 

Step 2: Gather your materials.

You will need; Cardboard, glue, scissors, black fabric and ribbon. Or anything to tie the mask (shoelaces?)

Step 3: Make a drunken attempt at a template

This is literally how rough an image I used.

Step 4: Cut out the cardboard template, cover in glue, place the ribbons at the edges and then place your black fabric on top of the gluey cardboard and ribbon edges. 

Step 5: wait for the glue to dry and have another drink.

Step 6. Cut off excess material.

Step 7: Put on your mask paired with a batman tshirt or a plain black one and you are ready for Coppers! Half hammered and dressed up. No dry shite taunts this year!

Then if a girl doesnt steal it or you dont break it trying to tie it around your waist using your cock as a nose, give it to your younger sibling. 

*Be careful when drunk and using scissors.
*Be careful when drunk and using glue.
* No children were forced into underage drinking or going to Coppers for the sake of this tutorial.

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