Thursday, 30 August 2012

Dip Dye Shorts DIY

This summer all we saw was tie dye and dip dye shorts. These shorts are also often called ombre but that's a different thing all together.

Like in my ombre shorts tutorial, start off by cutting a pair of jeans so size. I use jeans I find in charity shops. These were €1

Wash your jeans once they are cut so they fray and end up looking like this.

Now repeat the bleaching steps in my studded ombre shorts tutorial. REMEMBER TO USE GLOVES AND BLEACH OUTSIDE. This time bleach all of the material not just half. Your jeans will turn mostly white. Dont worry if some parts are not white, this looks better in the end.
Rinse out the bleach, wash again in the machine and dry. Now its time to dye!
  I used Dylon fabric dye sachets from Hickeys, O'Connel Street, Dublin. They're €3.99 each and last ages.


Intense purple
Flamingo pink.

Dip one half of the shorts into a basin with about 200mls of hot water and 2 teaspoons of dye. 
leave to soak for 45mins.

I elevated the other half of the jeans with a clothes hanger so not all the jeans got dyed one colour.

Rinse after 45mins and wash and dry. Repeat using the purple dye in the exact same way.

Now you have stunning dip dyed shorts that are retailing between €25-€150.
Mine cost two euro!