Saturday, 27 October 2012

Babies First Craft Fair!

Tomorrow is my first craft fair!
It is on in my local town and I'm pretty excited. 
Here's some tips I'v picked up for fair beginners on Pinterest.

Check List

Craft Fair Do's

Craft Fair Tips.

All of these are great for beginners like me! These links are not mine! I am not passing them off as mine, they are other peoples opinions and stuff... yeh.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Lego Jewlery DIY

Here are some earrings and a bracelet I made from lego pieces. I have rings to make too but I ran out of super glue. Basically super glue a 2x2 piece to a ring base. 

You will need: Lego piece. Use cheap ones from a euro store. These have thinner plastic. You will not be able to pierce through real lego pieces. Alighter, A large needle or safety pin, pliers, earring hooks and jump rings.

By being super careful and not suing me, use the lighter to heat the needle. when needle is hot enough pierce a hole in your lego piece near the edge.

Using your pliers, open an earring hook, thread it through the hole and close the catch.

For the bracelet, thread jump rigs through and link them up. At the end add a clasp.

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Hope you liked this tutorial,

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello Website!

So! is now a bought Domain! (Thanks Adam)
At this moment in time it reverts back to this blog but watch this space ;)

I am also doing my first craft fair Sunday.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hallween Candy Necklace DIY

As a kid the best part of Halloween is going house to house trick or treating. CANDY! so heres a little tutorial on an idea I had to make candy necklaces. I'm sure they would be a big hit with trick or treaters and cost very little to make. all you need is time.

Gather your supplies: Candy, in this photo there are ribbons but i preferred how the chains looked with pipe cleaners, and reinforcement labels.

Punch a hole ineach side of the wrapper and reinforce with a ring label.

Twist an extra long pipecleaner like so or get 2 red and 2 blue and join them together by twisting the ends together.

Thread the candy through and you have your necklaces! I also threaded on beads. 

Hope you like em!
Happy Halloween!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Glitter Masks DIY

I love masquerade masks but they are so expensive to buy and the cheap ones look... well... cheap.
I found these mask templates in Mr.Price in the Blanchards Town shopping centre for only 79c.
they are sturdy heavy duty masks with elastic and all! 
Then all you need is glitter, feathers and any other sory of decoration you like, some glue and a small brush to spread the glue

Cover the mask in glue where you want your first glitter colour to go. Then cover in glitter.

Do this on paper or a lid as glitter goes everywhere and you can save most of it this way and reuse it.

Do the same with the pink glitter on the ears and nose. These have to be a bit more tidy than the base colour. Im a mess so it's not tidy at all.

Look at me! I'm a cat!

To me it didnt really look like a cat so I gave him so whiskers and some flashy eyes!
To make the whiskers I used copper wire which is about €8 in beads and bling Dublin. Dont go buying it just for this project. Use something else like pipe-cleaners or something.

Get a big dress makers pin or something sharp and pierce 4 holes in the mask.

Thread the wire through and tape the back with electrical tape to hold in place.
I also added some fake eyelashes. These I got in pennies for €1.50. I had actually worn them on a night out previous (ewww) and didnt lose them. SUCCESS!

I lined the eyes with black paint. 
wear this mask with heavy black eye makeup underneath so that your eyes pop from behind the mask. Here I have no make up on and my eyes are lost.

This is the other mask I bought.
I glued on feathers and glitter and sequins. 

And here is is!

So don't spend a bomb on a masquerade mask this Halloween. Make one yourself! Head to Blanchards town Shopping center and buy some supplies! These cost approx. €3 to make. Probably less. 

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Inner termoil and a craftsters morality.

Howdy Yall,

So last night I started fiddling around with craft wire and tried to make my own version of those lovely birds nest rings I see on etsy all the time. I purposely didnt look up a tutorial as I hope to sell them in local craft fairs. So I messed about, got a half decent result and now am making them in their dozens!

Thats the first three I made and I'm pretty happy as to how they turnned out. I researched prices on and the average price they sell for is €15... I dont think I can exploit people like that. They cost less than €2 to make! But I dont want to undermine the integrity of my fellow craftsters.

Oh, what to do? 

Leave a comment if you would like me to upload a tutorial.


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Last minute/ Drunk Batman mask

It's almost Halloween!
I love Halloween but some people do not share my enthusiasm and dont start planning and gathering their material for their costume early May. Infact most leave it to the last minute and some dont dress up at all (GASP!) because they ran out of time. 
FEAR NOT! Here is a tutorial for those of you running out of the house to Coppers and forgot that Halloween is fancy dress. 

Step 1: Get Drunk.

In the true spirit of Halloween I had a few vinos before starting this tutorial. 

Step 2: Gather your materials.

You will need; Cardboard, glue, scissors, black fabric and ribbon. Or anything to tie the mask (shoelaces?)

Step 3: Make a drunken attempt at a template

This is literally how rough an image I used.

Step 4: Cut out the cardboard template, cover in glue, place the ribbons at the edges and then place your black fabric on top of the gluey cardboard and ribbon edges. 

Step 5: wait for the glue to dry and have another drink.

Step 6. Cut off excess material.

Step 7: Put on your mask paired with a batman tshirt or a plain black one and you are ready for Coppers! Half hammered and dressed up. No dry shite taunts this year!

Then if a girl doesnt steal it or you dont break it trying to tie it around your waist using your cock as a nose, give it to your younger sibling. 

*Be careful when drunk and using scissors.
*Be careful when drunk and using glue.
* No children were forced into underage drinking or going to Coppers for the sake of this tutorial.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fabric Markers are key!

Here is my review on the fabric markers you can buy in TopShop for €10.
I bought a plain white polyester and cotton tank top and some plain white shoes in Pennys. The top was €3 and the shoes were €4.

It was very difficult writing on the top. I had to stretch it out as far as I could which made the top all stretched looking. The markers bled into each other and it didnt look very good (as you can see).

However, they worked wonderfully on the shoes! The shoes were canvas and a harder fabric and were really easy to draw on.
People stop me in the street and ask me where I bought them and never believe I was bored on the bus and just started doodling.

So with these markers, and any other markers, I'd suggest sticking to things like shoes, bags, maybe blazers?  Things of thicker fabric. Im going to test out bed sheets next once I redecorate my room!

These markers are available from most Topshop stores and are only €10. A great investment!
Even if just to keep yourself occupied on long bus journeys :)

Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Big Knit! Innocent and AgeAction

Innocent and Age Action have come together to help elderly people stay well and warm this winter.

For all bottles with a hat that is sold, Innocent donate 25c to Age Action.

So get knitting! Hats must be in before Nov 30th. 

Here are some of my feeble attempts.

 This is my first hat.

From making this hat I learned i love pom poms.


Then I made a rudolph one. Once I buy some innocent drinks I'll take better photos!

Pop over to the facebook or twitter page for regular big knit updates (including the eagerly anticipated Hat of the Week competition which is coming soon) 

Here are some of my favourites that I'v seen:

Send your hats to: 120/121 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2 or drop them into your local Age Action shop

Friday, 12 October 2012

The Rise of College Times

College Times is Ireland's newest online tabloid that is 100% student based.
The site offers insight into news updates, sex, style. entertainment and my section, good times.

Check us out on

expect the current, the en trend and the bizarre.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

You wont like me when I'm angry!!!

This tutorial does not work... which made me cry. 

Then I got angry.


... OK not that angry but I was fairly pissed.

So dont waste your time. It doesnt work. I'll figure out how to actually get sharpie or another writing apparatus to stay on ceramic. 

Stay tuned and stay classy.