Sunday, 8 January 2012


Hi guys.
So I got the idea of making a blog from If you would like to follow me there my URL is

Here you can document your interests, find tutorials, discover new bloggers and blogs... the possibilities are endless! Have fun. Another website to occupy your freetime and to shove you right on to the procrastination train! Happy pinning :)


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Grab this button!

Hey guys! I am a computer idiot and I just made a blog button!

A very special thank you to Smile Monsters! still unsure how to work this but here is her button <center><a href=""

I dont fuckin know.

I will put up a tutorial ver soon :) It really is easy, Im computer retarded.
Later bitches,


Hello everybody!
So. My name is Ais and this is my blog! I will have photos of things I have made and tutorials and other silly things that happen along the way. Hope you like it! also if anyone can teach me how to put those little thingys up on top of my blog so I can seperate my tutorials, DIYs, and other things into catagories That would be great! Looking forward to blogging with you mutha fuckas! PEACE!