Friday, 27 July 2012

Cards you don't see on Hallmark stands

Hallmark are one of the worlds largest distributors of holiday and greetings cards across the globe. In 2010 their cards circulated around 100 countries, 49,000 cards were available to buy at any given time and 5 billion cards were purchased, collecting a revenue of $4.1 billion.
Hallmark have a card specifically designed and executed to portray everything we want to say.
            However, they do not cater to everything we don’t want to say. Yes there are a multitude of “Get well soon”s and “Happy birthday”s, but I’d like a card to do the talking for me when it’s simply too awkward to do so myself.
            So, here you are. My top 5 cards you won’t see on a hallmark stand.
1.  “Sorry I gave you Chlamydia”

Nobody wants to call their one night stand and awkwardly have the “I gave you the clap” talk. Its only fair after you transmit an STI to someone that you tell them and everyone loves getting post? Right???

            2.  “Sorry I killed your cat”

The awkward moment when you run over your neighbour’s cat, have to carry its limp body into them, destroying their children’s hope in humanity and ripping the family apart. Hallmark shows you care <3

3.     “Sorry I slept with your brother”

This can be so very awkward to say face to face.

4.     “I’m Pregnant”

A joyous occasion for many happy couples, however I am 21 and only seeing my boyfriend 6 months, so this card could get me out of the initial crying, “why me”, “Is there a God?” and “Are you sure its mine?” talks.

5.     “It’s not you, It’s me”

Hopefully a card you won’t receive after the “I’m Pregnant” card arrives at your other halves door. Dumping someone is one of the hardest things to do. This cute little card can take the edge off it and allow your partner to come to terms with the fact before the talk. Much prettier than a text and less dramatic than making a scene down your local.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

10 online stores that accept laser.

Trawling through online stores and boutiques, desperately searching for unique bargains and the latest fashions, I came to the realization that I must be the only specimen left on this island with a laser card. The Irish laser card seems to be becoming redundant as many banks are switching to visa debit but for the foreseeable future A.I.B will be holding onto this semi-functional method of payment. For those of you who have this card, I am sure you share my frustration. So, to alleviate you of your torment I have compiled a list of 10 online fashion stores that still accept this prehistoric method of payment.


Asos is an online clothing store that specialises in men and womens fashions. It also has a "Market place" where its customers can buy and sell second hand clothes. It is one of the cheapest websites for high street fashion.

Boohoo, like Asos, is another great value store with all the latest trends. Its lookbooks are almost as impressive as their prices and their interpretation of trends is unique and interesting. is one of my personal favourite online stores.


A website aclaimmed by Irish style show "Exposé", iclothing have been making waves in the Irish online market. Best known for their €10 party dresses, quirky heels and of course acceptance of laser.

Classic dresses, party dresses, celebrity dresses, evening, cocktail, debs & occasion, summer, spring, day and maternity dresses are just some of the categories covered by Prices again are very cheap, dresses start at just €5!


Romwe are a slightly more alternative sight and much more my personal style than the more high street stores. They have free shipping world wide, which is handy as they are based in China. Check out their vintage section and the jewlery! 


Everybody loves Awear. And they accept laser online. Happy days.

these bad boys are €20-€30. That is all.


For that High end, sophisticated look. More expensive than previous entries but well worth the extra few euro.


More expensive than shoe rack but more choice and better quality. They have student discounts, free delivery and an amazing sale right now so don't hesitate to check them out!


A brilliant conccept store targeted at us G.A.A. lovin' culchies. G.A.A. supporter tshirts with a twist. Too origional and witty not to be featured. Prices start from €19 for kids and €21 for adults.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ombre Shorts - So hot right now

Here is a very simple way to get this seasons must have; cut off/ombre shorts.
I took a pair of old jeans I had that still fit, cut them and washed them so they would fray like so:

Then all you need is a plastic bag, rubber gloves and some house hold bleach.

I didn't use gloves so that's why they're not in the picture. Don't be stupid, use gloves.

I put the shorts into a plastic cup with a cup of bleach and half cup water. I then placed half the shorts in the bleach so they look "dip-dyed".
(In the box beside it is shorts for the next tutorial, where I bleached the entire short)

Do this shit outside or 1. Your home will smell like crusty swimming pool and 2. You might die. Don't die because of me and do this shit outside. This is my turf shed. I'm Irish.

These bad boys were in the bleach for about a day and a half. Take them out of the bleach, rinse them off (I used a hose because I treat all my crafts with love and care <3 ) and throw them in the washing machine. I had to wash mine twice to get rid of the smell of bleach.
Then I slapped on some studs because I'm a bad ass.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cuppán Taé

Recently I have become obsessed with both tea and tea cups. My mother openned up a new world to me when I discovered that not all teas come in paper bags and cardboard boxes. 
She gave me a tin of Cambell's loose tea leaves and the aromas and flavours were beyong anything I could ever imagine. Fuck you Lyons! 
I may never be able to drink tea from a bag again.

So, this new infatuation with tea has led me to discover all sorts of tea related parafenalia. My ultimate favourite though are cute cups with lovely quotes on them. I want all of these cups!
Get in my cupboard!
So stay tuned and a tea lovers quote cup tutorial shall ensue. 
And if you havnt already, try loose tea leaves instead of the super market tea bags. You will never setlle for Barrys again!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Action Man - The pantless hero of them all

Those of you who have small children in the house will surely understand the absolute necessity of this post. My brother is 7, he loves action man and all other toys targeted at his age and gender but what I cant comprehend is, where do action mans trousers always disappear to?
So to keep your action men covered up and respectable here's a tutorial on how to make pants for action man.

1. I chose jeans because I recently cut off the legs of my jeans to make shorts but you can use any fabric really. Make a pattern like this, I don't use measurement, action man is not that fussy over tailoring. Make it along the seem so you have a mirrored image in the fabric when cut out.
Fold over your jeans so you have two legs the same size.

 2. You will end up with a bundle like this:

3. And two pieces of fabric that look like this:

4. Sew along the pant leg on each piece and stop before the inward ut in the leg. Obviously do this with the pant leg inside out.

5. Sew the pants together where the cut turns inward on each piece.

6. May Action Man go forth and prosper and never go naked again!

I will elaborate on this tutorial once I get more photos as the steps are not very clear toward the end.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial,
Ais xxx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Beads & Bling

I have to mention a little beading shop I found in Dublin City. It is on the Quays near Temple bar. It has all your beading supply needs, beautiful beads, helpful staff and even great courses! It's also dirt cheap!
IRISH BEADERS UNITE! This haul cost me less than €10. 

Time to Shine!

saw a pair of earrings like this and thought "Hmm... These would be so simple to make!"

So I did.

You will need: Clock hands, Large jump rings, earring pieces, glue and glitter.

My clock hands are boring, cheap and black so I covered em in glitter. Mix glitter and glue together so that the glitter stays on in the future. Don't worry, once the glue dries you will see the glitter. I did about 4 coats.

This is what mine looked like. If you find pretty antique hands, dont glitter them, theyre so much nicer as originals! Just twist on the jump rings and the earring pieces and voila! Another piece of statement jewellery in 10 minutes!

I always look pouty when I'm trying to look non-descriptive :D
They're very cute! IMHO. Here's where I got the idea:

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I just spent €20 on sharpies. There will be tutorials!