Saturday, 21 July 2012

10 online stores that accept laser.

Trawling through online stores and boutiques, desperately searching for unique bargains and the latest fashions, I came to the realization that I must be the only specimen left on this island with a laser card. The Irish laser card seems to be becoming redundant as many banks are switching to visa debit but for the foreseeable future A.I.B will be holding onto this semi-functional method of payment. For those of you who have this card, I am sure you share my frustration. So, to alleviate you of your torment I have compiled a list of 10 online fashion stores that still accept this prehistoric method of payment.


Asos is an online clothing store that specialises in men and womens fashions. It also has a "Market place" where its customers can buy and sell second hand clothes. It is one of the cheapest websites for high street fashion.

Boohoo, like Asos, is another great value store with all the latest trends. Its lookbooks are almost as impressive as their prices and their interpretation of trends is unique and interesting. is one of my personal favourite online stores.


A website aclaimmed by Irish style show "Exposé", iclothing have been making waves in the Irish online market. Best known for their €10 party dresses, quirky heels and of course acceptance of laser.

Classic dresses, party dresses, celebrity dresses, evening, cocktail, debs & occasion, summer, spring, day and maternity dresses are just some of the categories covered by Prices again are very cheap, dresses start at just €5!


Romwe are a slightly more alternative sight and much more my personal style than the more high street stores. They have free shipping world wide, which is handy as they are based in China. Check out their vintage section and the jewlery! 


Everybody loves Awear. And they accept laser online. Happy days.

these bad boys are €20-€30. That is all.


For that High end, sophisticated look. More expensive than previous entries but well worth the extra few euro.


More expensive than shoe rack but more choice and better quality. They have student discounts, free delivery and an amazing sale right now so don't hesitate to check them out!


A brilliant conccept store targeted at us G.A.A. lovin' culchies. G.A.A. supporter tshirts with a twist. Too origional and witty not to be featured. Prices start from €19 for kids and €21 for adults.

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