Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Time to Shine!

saw a pair of earrings like this and thought "Hmm... These would be so simple to make!"

So I did.

You will need: Clock hands, Large jump rings, earring pieces, glue and glitter.

My clock hands are boring, cheap and black so I covered em in glitter. Mix glitter and glue together so that the glitter stays on in the future. Don't worry, once the glue dries you will see the glitter. I did about 4 coats.

This is what mine looked like. If you find pretty antique hands, dont glitter them, theyre so much nicer as originals! Just twist on the jump rings and the earring pieces and voila! Another piece of statement jewellery in 10 minutes!

I always look pouty when I'm trying to look non-descriptive :D
They're very cute! IMHO. Here's where I got the idea:

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