Saturday, 14 July 2012

Action Man - The pantless hero of them all

Those of you who have small children in the house will surely understand the absolute necessity of this post. My brother is 7, he loves action man and all other toys targeted at his age and gender but what I cant comprehend is, where do action mans trousers always disappear to?
So to keep your action men covered up and respectable here's a tutorial on how to make pants for action man.

1. I chose jeans because I recently cut off the legs of my jeans to make shorts but you can use any fabric really. Make a pattern like this, I don't use measurement, action man is not that fussy over tailoring. Make it along the seem so you have a mirrored image in the fabric when cut out.
Fold over your jeans so you have two legs the same size.

 2. You will end up with a bundle like this:

3. And two pieces of fabric that look like this:

4. Sew along the pant leg on each piece and stop before the inward ut in the leg. Obviously do this with the pant leg inside out.

5. Sew the pants together where the cut turns inward on each piece.

6. May Action Man go forth and prosper and never go naked again!

I will elaborate on this tutorial once I get more photos as the steps are not very clear toward the end.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial,
Ais xxx

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