Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ombre Shorts - So hot right now

Here is a very simple way to get this seasons must have; cut off/ombre shorts.
I took a pair of old jeans I had that still fit, cut them and washed them so they would fray like so:

Then all you need is a plastic bag, rubber gloves and some house hold bleach.

I didn't use gloves so that's why they're not in the picture. Don't be stupid, use gloves.

I put the shorts into a plastic cup with a cup of bleach and half cup water. I then placed half the shorts in the bleach so they look "dip-dyed".
(In the box beside it is shorts for the next tutorial, where I bleached the entire short)

Do this shit outside or 1. Your home will smell like crusty swimming pool and 2. You might die. Don't die because of me and do this shit outside. This is my turf shed. I'm Irish.

These bad boys were in the bleach for about a day and a half. Take them out of the bleach, rinse them off (I used a hose because I treat all my crafts with love and care <3 ) and throw them in the washing machine. I had to wash mine twice to get rid of the smell of bleach.
Then I slapped on some studs because I'm a bad ass.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

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