Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cuppán Taé

Recently I have become obsessed with both tea and tea cups. My mother openned up a new world to me when I discovered that not all teas come in paper bags and cardboard boxes. 
She gave me a tin of Cambell's loose tea leaves and the aromas and flavours were beyong anything I could ever imagine. Fuck you Lyons! 
I may never be able to drink tea from a bag again.

So, this new infatuation with tea has led me to discover all sorts of tea related parafenalia. My ultimate favourite though are cute cups with lovely quotes on them. I want all of these cups!
Get in my cupboard!
So stay tuned and a tea lovers quote cup tutorial shall ensue. 
And if you havnt already, try loose tea leaves instead of the super market tea bags. You will never setlle for Barrys again!

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