Thursday, 18 October 2012

Inner termoil and a craftsters morality.

Howdy Yall,

So last night I started fiddling around with craft wire and tried to make my own version of those lovely birds nest rings I see on etsy all the time. I purposely didnt look up a tutorial as I hope to sell them in local craft fairs. So I messed about, got a half decent result and now am making them in their dozens!

Thats the first three I made and I'm pretty happy as to how they turnned out. I researched prices on and the average price they sell for is €15... I dont think I can exploit people like that. They cost less than €2 to make! But I dont want to undermine the integrity of my fellow craftsters.

Oh, what to do? 

Leave a comment if you would like me to upload a tutorial.


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