Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hallween Candy Necklace DIY

As a kid the best part of Halloween is going house to house trick or treating. CANDY! so heres a little tutorial on an idea I had to make candy necklaces. I'm sure they would be a big hit with trick or treaters and cost very little to make. all you need is time.

Gather your supplies: Candy, in this photo there are ribbons but i preferred how the chains looked with pipe cleaners, and reinforcement labels.

Punch a hole ineach side of the wrapper and reinforce with a ring label.

Twist an extra long pipecleaner like so or get 2 red and 2 blue and join them together by twisting the ends together.

Thread the candy through and you have your necklaces! I also threaded on beads. 

Hope you like em!
Happy Halloween!

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