Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fabric Markers are key!

Here is my review on the fabric markers you can buy in TopShop for €10.
I bought a plain white polyester and cotton tank top and some plain white shoes in Pennys. The top was €3 and the shoes were €4.

It was very difficult writing on the top. I had to stretch it out as far as I could which made the top all stretched looking. The markers bled into each other and it didnt look very good (as you can see).

However, they worked wonderfully on the shoes! The shoes were canvas and a harder fabric and were really easy to draw on.
People stop me in the street and ask me where I bought them and never believe I was bored on the bus and just started doodling.

So with these markers, and any other markers, I'd suggest sticking to things like shoes, bags, maybe blazers?  Things of thicker fabric. Im going to test out bed sheets next once I redecorate my room!

These markers are available from most Topshop stores and are only €10. A great investment!
Even if just to keep yourself occupied on long bus journeys :)

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