Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Perfect Bows

These little bows can be used for so man things and are so easy to make! I have a bag of them for just incase!

1) So first off, get a rectangular piece of fabric and cut off the end. I never measure my fabric. I just take scrap rectangles but if you want your bows to be uniform, measure your piece. (I suggest 12X24)

2) Fold the larger piece in on itself like this:

and repeat with the other side.

3) Fold in on itself again like this:

and repeat!

4) Stitch the bow together and bunch a bit in the middle like so:

5) Fold the smaller piece of fabric in like in step2 and wrap around the middle if the bow.

6) Stitch and cut off the excess!

There are so many practical uses for these pretty things!
Here I glued a hair clip to the back of a bow. These are lovely as gifts for little girls or childish adults like me :)

And here's a little bow ring!
Just glued onto an old bead ring I found from my childhood :/

P.S. I stopped biting my nails!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and can make out the one pixel pictures (someone please buy my a new camera!)

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