Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Feather extensions.

PLL (Pretty Little Liars) has gotten us all obsessing over the identity of -A. and the styles of all 4 girls in the series.
My favorite is Aria. I love her bohemian/punk style, especially her feather hair extentions.

So heres a little DIY for you to make your very own Feather extentions at home!
These are a little less feathery than Aria's but just add more feathers if you're a mad bastard.

Here's what you will need: A feather, beads to match, embroidery thread (normal thread isn't strong enough), a hair grip/ bobby pin and a big ass needle.

1) Thread through the steam of the feather (The hard bit in the middle).

2) Then thread on the beads.

3) Loop the thread around the hair grip and thread the needle back through the beads and sew a stitch again into the feather stem. this makes a loop coming out of your beads.

4) Tie a knot to hold the grip in place and another to hold the beads in place. You're done!
Heres the finished product and another style of extention I made for the hell of it.

So go out and try not to; get knocked over by a car/blackmailed by a psychopath/fall in love with your teacher in your Aria style feather extentions.

Catch PLL on ABC every Monday at 8pm :)

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