Monday, 18 June 2012

A Dog on a Chain

I love statement jewellery and quirky style, but have very little cash to feed my craving for accessories.
Here is a simple way to change those only figures we once got in cereal boxes and McDonald's happy meals into statement pieces to wear from childhood into adulthood.

You will need: A plastic figure (I chose this doggy), a thick sewing needle, a lighter, a pliers, a jump ring and a chain.

1) Heat the needle with the lighter for a few seconds until the needle starts to turn black (BE F*#KING CAREFUL)

2) Pierce the needle through a thin part of the plastic figure. I chose puppies ear.

3) Using the pliers, pierce the jump ring through the hole immediately as the hole will shrink once cooled.

4) Bend the ring around the chain to finish.

It's a cutie little doggy on a lead! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Ais xxx

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