Monday, 19 November 2012

River Island Eyelashes Knock Offs

So I saw these eyelashes in River Island and thought they were fab!
Until I checked the price tag. €14 for eyelashes? I dont know about normal people but my lashes usually last half the night and end up being peeled off and either thrown on the dance floor or stuck to my past out mate.
So here is how to make your own. Mine cost me €1.50

You will need: Eyelashes (mine are from Pennys), glue, glitter stars (I found these in Dealz in a glitter set, Im sure they have them in craft shops and other €stores) and a tweezers depending on your level of patience.

1. Initially I tried to attatch each star individually with the tweezers, I lost my patience and gave up.

So the real steps:
1. cover the lashes in glue, do not put glue up near the line of where the lashes stick to your lid (like I did, because of this the lashes wouldnt stick and I had to remove stars from the rim)

2. Scatter the stars on a surface and mop them up using the eyelashs. 

3. Leave to dry.

Here is the end result.

These lashes have stars too close to the lid. I had to remove stars from the lid so that the lashes would stick.

They worked really well once I fixed them and were so flamboyant!
And best of all cost €1.50 to make.

Hope you liked this tutorial,

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