Tuesday, 27 November 2012

DIY Earmuffs from a slipper!

You will need: An old slipper (clean), A hair band, fluff, scissors, glue and decoration if you like.

Cut your fabroc so that it is flat (ie not a slipper). Draw 4 circles on your fabric. I used a Nutella lid... mmm.
Also cut off the fur trin from the top of your boot.

Here is what you should have.

Glue 3/4 of your circles edge and place 2 circles together. Repeat with the last 2 circle.

You should have 2 circles like this, like pouches.

Stuff your pouches with fluff. (I got my fluff from an old teddy bear. R.I.P. Hansel) 

Cover the end of your hair band in glue and insert into the pouch. Glue up the open part.

Here I glued the fur from the rim of my boot to the band.
Let stand to dry. Before completely dry put on your muffs and make sure they cover your ears. Don't do this until muffs are semi dry or you'll get glue in your hair.

Decorate how you wish, I decorated mine with these bows from Mei Flower.

 Leave to dry and wear!

Look at me! I'm feckin delighted with my new muffs!
(So much innuendo in this piece)

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
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